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Our Beliefs


Our mission addresses the following elements of thoroughness:

  •   Safe learning environment

  •   Maintenance of classroom discipline

  •   Basic values

  •   Communication skills

  •   Basic curriculum

  •   Work force skills

  •   Current technology

  •   Responsible citizenship



*The guiding principles and directional statements for Betty Kiefer Elementary are well written and clearly defined.  *They were developed through a comprehensive consensus-building process that involved representatives of each stakeholder group. 

 *The philosophy, mission, vision and beliefs were aligned to address all elements of "thoroughness" including a safe learning environment, maintenance of classroom discipline, basic values, communication skills, basic curriculum, work force skills, 
current technology, and responsible citizenship.  These guiding principles were developed to ensure that students acquired the skills necessary to be responsible and productive citizens, effective communicators, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners! 


The BKE stakeholders are committed to excellence and continuous school improvement.   All site-based committees, the SIP Steering Committee and the PTU share an understanding and dedication to the instructional goals, priorities, assessment procedures, and accountability of our mission.  *Annually, through a cooperative effort we review and evaluate our directional statements, which clearly define the purpose of our school.    Our guiding principles provide the inspiration, which motivates us to work together for the success of our students and school!  


*Provisions are made to communicate the directional statements and administrative policies and practices to staff, students, parents, and the community through the Kiefer Chronicle, district newsletters, pamphlets, newspaper articles, media presentations, web pages, community forums, school handbooks and policy manuals.  *These statements, principles and policies are included in our school handbooks and policy manuals, which are available and distributed to students, parents, patrons, and the staff annually.  The BKE staff teaches specifically to these directional statements, policies and procedures at the start of each school year.  During a spirited "Welcome Back" assembly the guiding principles are shared with the entire student body.   These principles and beliefs are also shared with all stakeholders during registration, conferences, meetings, and events such as assemblies, programs, and Open House.  They are prominently displayed throughout the school.  


*BKE is very pro-active and extremely involved with the district in the development, review, and evaluation of written administrative policies and practices.  This process is completed annually and includes input from all stakeholders including the Board of Trustees, administrators, staff, parents, students, and patrons.